Free King James Version Bibles

I have regretfully had to suspend the offer for a free Bible, I have been out of work since March and do not have the funds to send out or purchase Bibles. 

This ministry has never been supported by donations but rather what I could give and currently I am having a difficult time making ends meet so I am deeply sorry that currently this ministry cannot supply Bibles, Lord willing once I am back on my feet I will resume sending out Bibles to those that need them, in the mean time you can click HERE to read the Authorized Version / King James Bible on this website .

I am not asking for any donation, please just pray for my family that I can attain work to continue providing for my family as well as the ministry God has given me to do, we greatly appreciate your prayerful support.

Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family and thank you for understanding.
Patrick Larimer
I believe that the King James Version Bible is the ONLY Bible that is God's preserved inspired Word and no other comes close, and I do NOT and will NEVER send out any other version than the KJV! Please read this article as to WHY the KJV is the only pure Word of God and how important it is, it shows 300 verses that other versions leave out or change! Bible Version Comparison, but not every KJV is correct, there are some un faithful publishers out there that have strayed from the pure reading, read about Counterfeit King James Bibles
God Bless You and your Family!
Only Jesus Christ Saves!
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