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 False Religions: Lutherans ( 5 items - 1 page)

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Lutheran Heresies
Added: 9/18/2011  |  Hits: 1139

To get right to the point, the Lutheran "religion" came out of the Catholic religion (often falsely so called a "church"). However, the Catholic religion did not come out of the Lutheran religion. By the end of this article, you will also see that Martin Luther himself was a heretic.

Martin Luther was a Mary Worshipper!
Added: 7/24/2011  |  Hits: 743

Ask the average believer, even most pastors, what they think about Martin Luther and you'll hear nothing but well spoken words. In fact, Martin Luther is still widely recognized as a “hero” of the Christian faith, the father of the protestant movement. It has to make one wonder if people ever read anything other than the newspaper.

Luther’s Lie of Deceit — Infant baptism
Added: 7/24/2011  |  Hits: 2933

Due to the many questions concerning Luther’s teaching that infants are to be baptized, as projected in his Large and Small Catechisms; his philosophy deserves an answer from the Word of God. These questions come from sincere people who, from a child, have been raised and indoctrinated in the catechism of Luther’s philosophy.

Infant Baptism
Added: 7/24/2011  |  Hits: 1568

Infant baptism is not a Scriptural doctrine. It is not found in the Bible. There is not one example in the Bible of one single baby being baptized. We will show that baby baptism is of pagan origin.

Damnable Lutheran Doctrines
Added: 7/24/2011  |  Hits: 713

The Lutheran religion is nothing less than diet Catholicism, i.e., you get the same poison of Catholicism, just less of it. The Lutheran religion is straight from Satan himself. Jesus never commanded us to follow any man's teachings over the Word of God.

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