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Date Added: 3/24/2013
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This whole thing started when I was attending church 2 months or so ago I notice that the "s" in the word "spirit" should have been a "S" since it was referring to the Spirit of God.  So I finally just reasoned it was a printer error, but after prayer and reading, the Lord lead me on to this in an article, and OH MY!  I had 3 different KJVs and 2 of them were not right, but out of the 2 they didn't have the same mistakes as each other, so you have to examine ever scripture to ensure your KJV is the real AV.

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Book Chapter : Verse

Real KJV

Counterfeit KJV

GENESIS 1:1 heaven heavens
GENESIS 1:2 Spirit spirit
GENESIS 8:1 asswaged assuaged
GENESIS 11:3 throughly thoroughly
GENESIS 11:3 morter mortar
GENESIS 12:1 shew show
GENESIS 21:26 to day today
GENESIS 23:8 intreat entreat
GENESIS 24:57 enquire inquire
GENESIS 30:37 chesnut chestnut
GENESIS 31:42 labour labor
GENESIS 41:38 Spirit spirit
EXODUS 8:23 to morrow tomorrow
EXODUS 24:6 basons basins
EXODUS 25:30 shewbread showbread
EXODUS 25:30 alway always
LEVITICUS 25:9 jubile jubilee
NUMBERS 10:25 rereward rearward
NUMBERS 20:14 travail travel
NUMBERS 22:26 further farther
JOSHUA 6:9 rereward rearward
JOSHUA 6:13 rereward rearward
JOSHUA 19:2 or and
JUDGES 3:10 Spirit spirit
JUDGES 6:34 Spirit spirit
JUDGES 11:29 Spirit spirit
JUDGES 13:25 Spirit spirit
JUDGES 14:6 Spirit spirit
JUDGES 14:19 Spirit spirit
JUDGES 15:14 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 6:4 emerods hemorrhoids
1 SAMUEL 6:5 emerods hemorrhoids
1 SAMUEL 6:11 emerods hemorrhoids
1 SAMUEL 6:17 emerods hemorrhoids
1 SAMUEL 10:6 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 10:10 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 11:6 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 16:13 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 16:14 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 18:6 musick music
1 SAMUEL 19:20 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 19:23 Spirit spirit
1 SAMUEL 29:2 rereward rearward
2 SAMUEL 8:4 houghed hocked
2 SAMUEL 23:2 Spirit spirit
1 KINGS 18:12 Spirit spirit
1 KINGS 22:24 Spirit spirit
2 KINGS 2:16 Spirit spirit
2 CHRONICLES 15:1 Spirit spirit
2 CHRONICLES 18:23 Spirit spirit
2 CHRONICLES 20:14 Spirit spirit
2 CHRONICLES 24:20 Spirit spirit
JOB 6:2 throughly thoroughly
JOB 33:4 Spirit spirit
PSALMS 51:2 throughly thoroughly
PSALMS 149:6 twoedged two-edged
PROVERBS 5:4 twoedged two-edged
PROVERBS 22:7 lender leader
ISAIAH 40:13 Spirit spirit
ISAIAH 48:16 Spirit spirit
ISAIAH 52:12 rereward rearward
ISAIAH 58:8 rereward rearward
ISAIAH 59:17 cloke cloak
ISAIAH 59:19 Spirit spirit
ISAIAH 61:1 Spirit spirit
ISAIAH 63:2 winefat winevat
ISAIAH 63:10 Spirit spirit
ISAIAH 63:11 Spirit spirit
ISAIAH 63:14 Spirit spirit
JEREMIAH 6:9 throughly thoroughly
JEREMIAH 7:5 throughly thoroughly
JEREMIAH 7:5 throughly thoroughly
JEREMIAH 50:34 throughly thoroughly
EZEKIEL 11:5 Spirit spirit
EZEKIEL 11:24 Spirit spirit
EZEKIEL 16:9 throughly thoroughly
DANIEL 3:25 the Son of God a son of the gods (ARE YOU SERIOUS¿!)
JOEL 2:24 fats vats
JOEL 3:13 fats vats
MATTHEW 1:19 publick public
MATTHEW 3:12 throughly thoroughly
MATTHEW 4:1 Spirit spirit
MARK 12:1 winefat winevat
LUKE 2:11 Saviour Savior
LUKE 3:17 throughly thoroughly
JOHN 4:24 Spirit spirit
ACTS 27:40 hoised hoisted
1 CORINTHIANS 10:11 ensamples example
2 CORINTHIANS 11:6 throughly thoroughly
PHILIPPIANS 3:17 ensample example
1 THESSALONIANS 1:7 ensample example
1 THESSALONIANS 5:14 we who
2 THESSALONIANS 3:9 ensample example
1 TIMOTHY 6:20 so called so-called
2 TIMOTHY 3:17 throughly thoroughly
JAMES 4:13 to morrow tomorrow
JAMES 4:13 to day today
JAMES 4:14 vapour vapor
1 PETER 5:3 ensamples example
2 PETER 2:6 ensample example
1 JOHN 2:11 darkness blindness
1 JOHN 5:8 spirit Spirit
REVELATION 1:16 twoedged two-edged
REVELATION 12:12 inhabiters inhabitants
So why the 105 (and counting) changes¿  Be very vigilant, the devil will stop at nothing to take away from God's Word!  There are MANY times the counterfeit KJVs will change the capital S in spirit to a lower case s, so be on the look out, it is always a capitol S when you are talking about God's Spirit, or the Holy Spirit, and so on.  If you are talking about mans spirit or a wicked spirit, it is always with a lower case s. The worst though is in Daniel 3:25 changing "the Son of God" (JESUS CHRIST) to "a son of the gods" (a devil).

I cannot take the credit for most of this work, but we are working to find more verses that were altered, and bring more attention to it.
Please contact me if you know of a verse that isn't listed here.

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