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An Enlightening Bible Quiz
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An Enlightening Bible Quiz

Below is a Bible quiz. Please get out your Bible, and take the quiz. Use any translation or Bible version you have or wish to use.
Do not answer any of the below from memory, and do not answer any of the below from any Bible notes. The answer must
come from only the Bible - no notes, and no memorized verses. Look each verse up.

1. Look up Matthew 17:21: Certain devils can only be cast out via ________ and ________.
2. Look up Matthew 18:11: The Son of man is come to save that which is _________.
3. Look up Matthew 23:14: The Scribes and Pharisees devour ________ houses, and for pretence make _______ prayers. They
will receive the greater ____________.
4. Look up Mark 7:16: If any man have ears to hear ________ ______ ________.
5. Look up Mark 9:44: In hell, their _______ does not die, and the fire is not _________.
6. Look up Mark 9:46: In hell, their worm ______ not, and the _______ is not quenched.
7. Look up Mark 10:24: How hard it is for them that trust in _______ to enter the Kingdom of God.
8. Look up Mark 11:26: If you do not _______, then neither will God ________ you of your trespasses.
9. Look up Mark 15:28: And the __________ was fulfilled, which said He would be numbered with the ___________.
10. Look up Luke 17:36: Two men shall be in the field. One shall be ________ and the other shall be ________.
11. Look up Luke 23:17: For of necessity he must ________ one unto them at the ________.
12. Look up John 5:4: Sometimes an angel went down into the _______, and troubled the water. Whoever stepped in first was
made whole of their __________.
13. Look up John 6:47: He that believeth on ___ hath everlasting life.
14. Look up Acts 8:37: Phillip said if you ________ with all your heart, you may. He answered, I believe that _________
___________ is the Son of ________.
15. Look up Acts 15:34: It pleased Silas to ________ there ______.
16. Look up Acts 24:7: The chief captain Lysias took him ________ out of their hands.
17. Look up Acts 28:29: The Jews departed, and had great __________ among themselves.
18. Look up Romans 16:24: The grace of our Lord ______ _______ be with you ___.
19. Look up 2 Timothy 2:15: S_______ to show yourself approved unto _____. Rightly dividing the word of _______.
20. Look up 1 John 5:7: There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the ______, and the Holy ______ and these
three are ______.

After looking up the above Scriptures, did you find your Bible to be a Holy Bible, or a holey bible?

Is the Bible you hold in your hands preserved by God forever? Look up Psalm 12:6-7, and find out, or look below at the KJB and
the NIV:

KJB - Psalm 12:6-7
The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord,
thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

NIV - Psalm 12:6-7
And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times. You, Lord, will keep the
needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked

If your Bible contains the above promise, then look out for Bible notes which may try to convince you otherwise. The NKJV
contains the above, but the above test shows it to be a holey bible, not a Holy Bible. Even though it has most of the verses,
there are some important words that have been changed, or are missing. Further, many NKJV Bibles contain notes which
question the text in almost every verse listed above. The NKJV is not a King James Bible.

The NIV is missing 64,000 words, the NKJV has over 100,000 translation changes, do you think they believe this verse:
Pro. 30:5 “Every word of God is pure:”…

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