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There are several videos on our YouTube about freemasonry (click HERE).

Many men have gotten involved with Freemasonry and do not (did not) know what they were really getting into. Yet, you have to ask, how could they go through the first initiation, and if they truly are Christians, not know this is wrong and diametrically opposed to God's Word. Are your loyalties with Jesus Christ or are they with the lodge?

Everyone who joins the local lodge joins what is called the Blue Lodge, the meeting center, and has to go through an initiation ceremony. Every mason, including those in our churches today, have gone through this initiation; it is the only way you can get into the lodge. The first thing that happens is that a blindfold is put on them, a noose (called a cable tow) is hung on their neck, their shirt is opened to bare their chest, and they are brought to the outer door of the lodge. There, a sharp point (of a compass or a dagger) is placed on their chest. Someone then asks, "Who comes?" to which candidate states "A poor, blind beggar looking to move from darkness to the light of Freemasonry." They are then brought (pulled by the noose) into the masonic lodge where they must bow at an altar. Behind the altar stands a man they call the Worshipful Master of the Lodge (the leader of the lodge). Again the candidate makes his plea for Freemasonry. After answering a series of questions, the mason to be takes a series of blood oaths and promises not to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry that he will learn -- upon having his throat cut from ear to ear.

These are some of the actual oaths a mason must take: In the first degree of the Blue Lodge, "Binding myself under no less a penalty, than having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out from its roots and buried in the rough sands of the sea..." In the second degree, "Binding myself under no less a penalty, than that of having my left breast torn open, my heart plucked out and given as prey to the wild beasts of the field and the foul of the air..." In the third degree (Master mason Degree), "Binding myself under no less a penalty, than that of having my body severed in twain, my bowels taken from thence and burned into ashes..."

For a Christian to go through this, you have to ask several questions: How can a follower of Jesus Christ, go to a masonic lodge, ask for membership, and say I am lost in darkness and I need the light of Freemasonry? Well let's look and see what 1John 1:6-7 has to say about a man that claims to be in darkness:
"If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin."
So if a man is saved by Jesus Christ why does he still think he is in darkness..... Sounds like rejection of the plan of Salvation to me....

One mason, when asked, "If you were to die tonight, and stand before God, and He were to ask you 'Why should I let you into my Heaven'" said that he guessed he would have to tell God that "I was a good mason". You see, many masons believe that masonry is a system of morality. masonry teaches that through one's good works masons can obtain the 'celestial lodge' above, the 'heavenly kingdom'.
Most masons, especially those who are professing Christians, would point us to the fact of all the good works they do. They'd ask, 'How can you say that we are not Christians?' Look at the Shrine homes for the aged, look at the work we do with children, all the good things, don't they count? There's nothing wrong with all of these things, but they are not going to save you. Salvation and eternal life with God the Father is faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ by His Grace only!
How can a Christian bow at an altar before a man that is called the Worshipful Master? Jesus said, You cannot serve two masters. There is only one Worshipful Master and that is Jesus Christ AMEN!

Lastly: How can a Christian take a pagan blood oath, swearing to have your throat cut from ear to ear, your heart given to the beasts of the field, your body cut in two and your bowels thrown into the sea? Those pagan blood oaths were forbidden by Jesus in Matthew 5 and in James 5:12

Revelation 9:11 reveals the god of masonry:

Over the years, some people have claimed that Freemasons worship Lucifer, or Satan. However, one of the "Sacred Words" in the17th Degree of the Scottish Rite is "Abaddon," the angel of the bottomless pit mentioned in Revelation 9:11, but they some how think it is a password that will permit entrance at the judgment day to the masonic deity, the great architect of the universe Revelations 9:11 reads "And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon." The ‘angel’ of the Abyss (Hell) is really the a devil whose name is Abaddon. masons claim then, that the deity they worship is Abaddon! Revelation Chapter Nine refers to the 5th angel. 5 is the occult number of death. The occult uses 9:11 as a number of destruction.Abaddon and Apollyon both mean Destroyer. masons worship the “Great Architect of the Universe”. The symbol they have chosen to represent their god is the “All Seeing Eye”, which the Egyptians used to represent their pagan god, Osiris. Many masons are well aware of the ancient connection. It is clearly stated in a number of masonic Monitors. Ironically, Judaism prays to “The Master of the Universe”. The prime influences behind the American Government are Freemasons that form a host of secret societies that include the illuminati occult. American Christians assumes that the American government is based on the principles of Christian moralities, which have their origin in the Scriptures. Note that spiritual independence and a practicing mason, it is an oxymoron. Many masons rewrote history and characterized themselves as “Christians” to hide their true agenda. The first masonic circles began to appear around 1733 in the United States. By the time of the American Revolution, nearly 150 lodges existed throughout the colonies. American Christian Dominance initiated a delusion upon the masses for the mason American Government to pursue its hidden agenda of the New World Order.

The Formation of The United States and George Washington:

George Washington, 1st President of the United States? Confirmed mason. Initiated: November 4, 1752, Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Brother Washington became Worshipful Master on December 20, 1788, and was inaugurated President of the United States on April 30, 1789, thus becoming the first, and so far the only, Brother to be simultaneously President and Master of his Lodge. Washington took his oath of office as President, April 30, 1789, on the bible belonging to St. johns Lodge No. 1 of New York City. The sad fact here is, contrary to what most preachers love to preach, this country was NOT founded on Jesus Christ, it was founded on "god" but not "Jesus" and Lord Jesus himself said in John 8:19 "......Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also." the money printed does not say "Jesus" it says god, and that is moot when Jesus is left out, you will be left out! Also read James 5:12 about all this oath swearing and what Jesus had to say about it! CONDEMNATION! The constitution says "freedom of RELIGION" NOT Freedom of Christianity, (and 501C3 Churches do not have any freedom) the people that wrote that document wanted freedom to plott and worship the devil privately and openly all at the same time!
Jesus Christ is NOT mentioned anywhere in the constitution PERIOD, and he is the "SOLID ROCK" OR "CORNER STONE", NOT "freedom of religion".
A first degree mason or "Apprentice" will swear a oath on their life to "conceal and never reveal" and my friend that makes a mason a sworn LIAR and that's a dangerous thing for that person, when they decide that is somehow a "good work" being they claim to be a "Christian / good works group" we know God hates liars and they will not goto Glory. Everyone lies, no matter if it's a small or big lie, it's still a lie and wrong, a Christian cannot be in repentance if they swear to lie or sin at that. Everything free masonry stands on is contrary to Bible teaching, they claim to be based on Christianity and even most claim to have a KJV on their "altar of sacrifice" along with the masonic square and compass on top of the Bible that this is something Jesus Christ would have part of. How about this, call the mormons tell them to come visit you, they will give you a KJV Bible as well, and promise they believe it, yet they believe in baptizing the dead and hell isn't forever and worst of all that man can become god. Just because they claim the KJV as God's word, surely doesn't mean they read it or in the least understand anything in it since it condemns those faiths. Joseph Smith was also a 33rd degree freemason and it is rumored he was murdered because he was sharing lodge secrets in his church.... Kinda strange how the jail was left unguarded so people could get to him, he was shot, thrown out a 2 story window and shot on his way down by several men, sad, he thought he was going to be a god, but he lifted his eyes up in hell. masons do NOT trust in Jesus, they trust in good works and word games to find another way around Christ blood, but they are fooled, there is no other way but Jesus Christ! Taken from
"A mason is not necessarily a member of a lodge. In a broad sense, he is any person who daily tries to live the masonic life, and to serve intelligently the needs of the Great Architect." Like I said, where is Jesus here????

While doing some more searching how about this proving they will worship any gods,
This is from now any Bible believing SAVED Christian can tell this is of satan and no child of Light should go there and say such trash like "I that am in darkness in search of light", by the way that's one thing a mason has to say to enter into their lodge/baal worship TEMPLE.

They flat out admit "Helion comes from the Greek god Helios, and important god" even they used a lower case g and yet they say that he was "an important god", and also they want to do a little play with the light and not tell you the part in the Bible that tells you what light they hide, go read in 2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."!

To continue on in the around freemasonry section you will find this statement
Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest Fraternity. Its history and tradition date to antiquity. Its singular purpose is to make good men better. Its bonds of friendship, compassion and brotherly love have survived even the most devise political, military and religious conflicts through the centuries. Freemasonry is neither a forum nor a place for worship. Instead, it is a friend of all religions which are based on the belief in one God. "

This is but a small list of famous masons. There are many, many others. The only requirements to become a member of this prestigious group are to profess faith in God and be willing to make a solemn obligation to adhere to the principles of masonry. masonry does not make a man good, but is designed to make a good man better. No atheist can be made a mason. If you are of good character, have a firm belief in the Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul, all you have to do to be one is ask one. masonry is open to all men irrespective of class, religion, race, or national origin. There are also associated masonic orgainizations for women and children. Profess a god like say Aleister Crowley, who was a 33rd degree mason, just do some google looking and you will find out about him (huge into devil worship, no secret he hated Jesus). There is no room for any reasonable doubt as to Masonry’s being a religion. Not only do the symbols, rites and temples of this order point unmistakably to it as a religion, but a great many Masonic authors of note emphatically declare it to be just that. Of almost numberless quotations that could be given here the committee has selected a few. In order for a person to become a shiner, he must not only go through all the degrees of masonry, make all those blood-curdling oaths, worship gods who are not gods except they are of Satan, but he must make a blood both of allegiance to Allah as his god and Mohammed as his prophet. The shiner is then given a red fez with an Islamic sword and crescent jeweled on the front of it. This originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Mohammed, slaughtered all Christians who would not bow down to Allah. Allah, by the way, was not another (generic) name given to God by Mohammed; Allah is the tribal deity --the moon god-- of Mohammed; it was the name of the god in the tribe that Mohammed was born into. That is why every mosque today has a crescent moon on the top of its spire. Now when Mohammed's army of men, out to slaughter all the 'infidels', came to the city of Fez, in Morocco, they found a community of Christians. After killing all the Christians there with their Islamic-style swords, they took their hats (called a fez) and dipped them in the blood of the Christians, and wore the fezzes throughout the land glorying in their victory over Christianity. Today shiner's put on red fezzes (representing the hats dipped in the blood of Christians) with the Islamic sword and crescent showing their allegiance to Allah and Mohammed (and the defeat of Christianity). I will be handing this out to the masons that stand in the road and risk people getting hurt begging for money for their sick cause all while hiding behind sick children! My dad's dad was part of the shiners and since 1994 I believe that he is in hell as you read this because he was fooled by the devil and his lodge brothers and rejected Christ for the power and games that come with being a mason.
By their own admissions they worship whatever they want to call god, not the God of the Bible and no mention ever of Lord Jesus Christ, which the very name makes the devils tremble in fear and it's no wonder why they won't use it. In JESUS there is power, but it causes what gives them power to flee so they don't want any of that!
Since Freemasonry teaches a false plan of salvation, Masons are not following in the teachings of Jesus Christ. 2 John 1:9 allows us to know that since they are not following in the teachings of Jesus, they do not have God. Freemasonry is classic devil worship. 1 Corinthians 10:20-21 allows us to know that the sacrifices of pagans are offered to devils, rather than God. Although we can say with certainty that the god of Freemasonry is a devil, we do not know specifically which devil Masons worship in lodge. We simply know that they refer to their devil as the Great Architect of the Universe, or GAOTU. All devils are under the leadership of Satan. Therefore, Freemasons cannot avoid worshiping Satan by proxy. Very few of them realize the facts in this aspect of Masonic worship. A great many Masons, even some who do not claim to be Christians, would leave the lodge immediately if the names of Satan, or Lucifer, were substituted for the GAOTU in Masonic prayers. Satan would not allow that to occur, because the more effective lie is the one which is closer to the truth, without being true.

Categories and Levels

The Blue Lodge All masons must undergo an initation to enter the Blue lodge. The Blue lodge has three degrees: Entered Apprentice --- Fellow Craft --- Master Mason To achieve each of these levels, one must go through rituals and swear an oath. One such oath is as follows: "I promise and swear, that I will not write, print, stamp, stain, hew, cut, carve, indent, paint, or engrave any secrets on anything movable or immovable.. binding myself under no less penalty then to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark.. where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours; so help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same" Now the word is, they have toned the oath down a bit, but they are still told never to tell of the goings on and never tell any secret. Once this is done the mason receives his degree as Master Mason and has his ring and other trinkets to be identified by other masons. From here a mason may choose to go on further in one of two branches. The York Rite or The Scottish Rite. The York Rite Also called the American Rite, this is the most popular one to follow. The York is perhaps the oldest form of the craft. There are ten degrees in in York Rite.
It is split into three categories:
The Royal Arch Chapter, The Council of Royal and Select Masters and The Commandery of Knights Templar.

These ten include the three from the Blue Lodge and the others are as follows:

Mark Master(4th) Past Master(5th) Most Excellent Master(6th)

Royal Arch Master(7th) Royal Master(8th) Select Master(9th)

Super Excellent Master(10th)

Select Master has three degrees which one can enter:

Order of the Red Cross Order of the Knights of Malta

Order of the Knights Templar. Knights Templar is the highest in the York Rite.

As in the Blue lodge, one must swear an oath of secrecy and obedience. Notice how each one of these titles uses "Master", the tile that is given to the Lord Jesus Christ. Members of the Craft are nothing more the glory hunters wanting to puff up their Pride! This was and is one of satan's flaws and as we continue, you will see the comparison. No one but God may be worshiped.

The Scottish Rite It is also known as Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

There are four different lodges or chapters

The lodge of Perfection The Grand Council of the prince of Jerusalem

The Grand Chapter of Rose- Croix The Grand Consistories of Divine Princes Here are Two titles that go with the above. They puff up one's ego. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason There are twenty-nine additional degrees in this branch. I will not list them at this time. However, the highest is the 33rd. It is called Knight Commander.

Other Orders
Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Also Known as the Shriners. This is the most well known branch. The Shriners operate three children's hospitals in Boston, Galveston and Cincinnati. The Order of the Eastern Star. This is for women who are related to a Mason in some way. There are five degrees Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa Daughters of the Eastern Star. Set up for Girls age 14-20 who have a father as a mason and a mother as an eastern star. The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem. This is part of the eastern star and the officer is called, the Supreme Worthy High Priestess. The Order of DeMolay. This one takes they name of Jacques DeMolay, 14th century leader of the Nights Templar. Members are male 14-20. The International Order of Job's Daughters. The International Order of Rainbow for Girls.

The Order of Amaranth

Lesser Orders

Daughters of Mokanna Daughters of the Nile Knights of the Red Cross

Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America National Sojourners

Social Order of the Beauceant of the World Order of the Builder

Tall Cedars of Lebanon of the USA True Kindred Odd Fellows

Masonic Fraternities

Acacia The Square and Compass Sigma Mu Sigma

Order of the Golden Key Tau Kappa Epsilon Prince Hall Freemasonry was born as a result of Black Masons who were barred from the white lodges.

Having said that, I know that Masons will find this page and be offended by it. I fully believe that it is of little significance that I offend them with the truth. What is of major significance is that they continue to offend God by practicing Freemasonry, and causing many to parish. Most Masons who read the information presented here will not admit that it is true, they have made a oath on their life to their lodge brothers and god not to reveal to you (the one in darkness) the secrets of their "craft", so don't expect any real truth, they have been deceived and the pride is hard to chip away from them!
Can a Christian knowingly remain a member of an organization which lifts up Lucifer, without denying Jesus Christ? What will Jesus say? Who else's opinion is going to matter?
You might ponder Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 10:32-33, 1 Corinthians 10:20-22, 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1, 1 John 1:5-2:6, 1 John 4:4-6 and 2 John 9. It is your soul which is on the line.

Now a typical view of a mason or someone that doesn't understand what masonry is they tend look at the "outter shell" there are many that are in the lodge that claim the name of Jesus and they do good works, such as hospitals and
charities, and on top of all that they cry and sing about Jesus Christ, but there is also another group of people Jesus spoke about in Matthew 7,
Those people were sincere I believe, they were religious no doubt. Let’s hear their testimony in Matthew 7:22, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? They had done so many wonderful things “in Jesus name,” but listen to what Jesus told them in Matthew 7:23... “And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” WOW! So those people that say they believe Jesus wasn't enough, they had spent their lives prophesying “in Jesus name,” casting out devils “in Jesus name” and doing many wonderful works “in Jesus name.” but yet in all their works they could not get to heaven.... They did NOT believe on Jesus Christ, rather they practiced iniquity . The good works will not cover up iniquity. If a person
truly believes the Bible and on The Lord Jesus Christ there is NO way they will follow what free masonry teaches, it is another religion!

Masons also will have their buildings and church buildings turned so they are worshiping to the east, but if you read in Ezekiel 8:16 you will find some others that worship the sun with their backs to God. "And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, [were] about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east." Is your pastor a Mason? If so, part of his "ministry" is to maintain that a man can be both a Christian and a Mason. Are you contributing to his salary, or otherwise funding his "ministry?" That is the most effective way to say Godspeed to him. Don't share in his evil deeds. Feed the poor or buy KJV Bibles and feed His sheep!

There are several videos on our YouTube about freemasonry (click HERE).


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