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Salvation - How a person is born again and saved.
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/18/2011 Hits : 13174)
Today there is so many arguments on how to become saved, however there is only 1 way to heaven, and that's our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! It is a gift of God and no work can get you there!

Masonic Art....... evil isn't it¿
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/30/2013 Hits : 9272)
Here is a small collection of masonic art work, to give you an idea of what it is they love to gaze at and hide 1000s of meanings or lies woven into.

Was Jesus nailed to the cross by his hand or wrists
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/10/2013 Hits : 7351)
Many people can't make up their mind which Jesus they are looking for, some are looking for him with nail prints in his wrist, while those that believe in what his Word says are looking for Jesus with the nail prints in his hands, and here is all the scripture you need to settle the matter...

Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/6/2011 Hits : 7058)
The following table lists 300 verses that have been changed in the seven most popular versions.

Counterfeit KJVs - Unfaithful Publishers
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 3/24/2013 Hits : 6840)
After doing some research as to why I defend the KJV I stumbled upon something VERY shocking. There are in fact counterfeit King James Bibles that are WRONG! Grab yours and dare to compare!

Initiation Ceremony of the Order of the Eastern Star
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 5/11/2015 Hits : 6192)
Initiation Ceremony of the Order of the Eastern Star

FATAL Flaw of the Order of the Eastern Star EXPOSED as a church of satan
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 8/30/2015 Hits : 3974)
We need not look far into the Star to find evidence of Satan's presence. His hoof prints are everywhere!

Walt Disney, Horrible!
Posted by: Patrick
(Added : 7/26/2011 Hits : 3713)
Walt Disney is promoting lasciviousness, ingratitude, sinful pride, worldliness, arrogance, selfishness, sexual perversion, self-righteousness, feminism, liberalism, Godlessness, a false gospel, heathendom, self-centeredness, witchcraft, demonism, evolution, impudence, premarital sex (fornication), lewdness, homosexuality, dirty-mindedness, and MORE!

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